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RE: DL4 modification...

> Say, Greg, you should put together a little info on your DL-4 
> "remote button project" for the LD website.  

I'll try and get this done this weekend.  I'm lacking a digital camera,
but I'll see if I can borrow a friend's.  I'll also doc my first
project: a CAT 5 breakout box.  

Breakout box: Instead of a pedal board with numerous 1/4" cables going
to the rack for various stomp, expression, and other controllers, I
route everthing to a single breakout box.  The breakout box has 2 stereo
inputs, 3 mono inputs and 1 Cat 5 jack (1 common ground + 3 mono tips +
4 stereo tip/rings = 8 wires in the CAT5). I then connect a single
network cable from the box to the rack where another breakout box
expands the connections.  This is *not* for audio, just passive
controllers which currently include:

Digitech FS300 (for the Repeater) (stereo)
Boss EV-5 (for my GX700 preamp) (stereo)
Boss FS-5U (various functions on the GX700) (mono)
Boss FV-50L (for EDP feedback) (mono)
EDP FC7 controller (mono)