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Re: Loopstock Update 02-13-02

Yes Michael, you've got the idea.  This thing's going to be very informal, 
of a family-style jamboree than an extravaganza.

There's a dance class at the venue until 2:00 so we can't start early, but 
can basically go until we either finish or pass out.  Not to say that I'm 
to ignore the Schedule, however.  I just want everybody to be able to do 
thing and have fun doing it.


>lets just come earlier and stay later.....its not like this is going to 
>that many more times in my life.....i view this as more of a "learning
>experience" than a "show" and to put "faces" to all your names would be a 
>gas!.....in the world of "looping" this is A MONSTER JAM.....i dont care
>what ya do, im comin and im going to have more fun than any person 

Just don't get busted smoking reefers in the van with Rich and Cliff, 
the cops will think we're having one of those rave parties :O