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RE: DL4 modification...

> This sounds lovely, and I'm wondering if I can perform such a mod to 
> my Headrush.
> Anyone tried this yet? Some further questions:

Should be straight forward.  It's just a matter of finding which
connections to short and mimic the push of a specific button

>>Basically, it's a small box with 4 SPST momentary stomp switches,

> What brand/source? I'm in desperate need of a *roadworthy* 
> and *silent* stomp switch for less than $15 US.

Just a standard stomp switch from the local electronics store.  It's
very roadworthy, but not terribly silent.  For me, I wanted a strong
resistance to avoid accidentally or prematurely hitting the record

> What is a CAT5 networking jack? Would I find this in the Mouser
electronics catalog, ferinstance?

CAT5 networking jacks are what you'd find in an office where PC's are
networked together.  They look just like a phone jack, but bigger and
with more connections.  They're also called RJ45's vs. phone jacks which
are RJ11's (or is that vice versa?).  If you don't need 8 wires, but 6
or 4, then a standard phone jack scenario could accomplish the same

> What is "standard, cheap network cable?" Is it roadworthy?

I wouldn't say it's as roadworthy as a decent instrument cable.  It's
designed for static installation. You can go to any home depot, lowe's,
or radio shack and they'll have cat 5 cable.  Check it out and make the
call yourself.

Additionally, the box I'm using as a stomp-box is a simple plastic
enclosure from my local electronics parts store.  Not very road-worthy,
but I'm not out that much.  Weight and cost are more of an issue.