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Re: DL4 modification...

>>>>Speaking of a "DL4 in a rack", I just built a little remote foot
>controller for my DL4 so I can control the 4 stomp buttons and
>expression pedal on the floor while keeping the unit on my rack where I
>can manipulate the settings with my hands.

This sounds lovely, and I'm wondering if I can perform such a mod to my
Headrush. Anyone tried this yet? Some further questions:

>Basically, it's a small box with 4 SPST momentary stomp switches,

What brand/source? I'm in desperate need of a *roadworthy* and *silent*
stomp switch for less than $15 US.

  >a 1/4
>mono female jack (for the expression pedal), and an 8 lead CAT5
>networking jack.

What is a CAT5 networking jack? Would I find this in the Mouser electronics
catalog, ferinstance?

 >Everything is wired simply to the CAT5 jack, then I
>run a standard cheap, network cable to the DL4

What is "standard, cheap network cable?" Is it roadworthy?

>where there's another
>CAT5 jack in the battery compartment.  Then it was just a matter of
>finding out which connections to solder together.  >

This must have been fun to listen to!
Thanks in advance for the help.
Douglas Baldwin, Alpha male Coyote, the Trickster