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RE: Loops looptimes timing and Questions (and loop4)

I try to amuse . . .  Sometimes it works.
Synchronization is pretty important for a lot of EDP users (so I gather) 
it seems like the quantization and rounding modes satisfy that--I would
think that the "do any time change" option would be the way to go, free of
the restrictions of quantization, and then let users who require even
numbers (like me, most of the time) use the other modes.
I look forward to the release of Loop4 with bated breath.  The best looper
ever gets even better!  I don't think I'm going to be restricted by any
changes in the functions--MIDI control lets you do a lot--but thanks for
asking for input.

Original message--
Andy asked:
> <So what is the most important:-
>  <1)keeping a Cycle structure (even when not Quantised)
>  <OR
>  <2)Being able to to any time change easily??????
Gary replied:
>  What is the second alternative?
>  To to, we're not in Kansas anymore. . .
Andy responded:
thanks for that Gary

2)Being able to do any time change easily?
........not restricted to a Cycle