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RE: Loops looptimes timing and Questions (and loop4)

I'm trying to understand the concepts and questions posed by Andy--

<The questions are :
<Once you've set up a loop, in what ways do you alter the timing?
<How would you want to alter the timing if you could?
<Do you want to stick to conventional time signatures?
<How do the features of a looping device relate to this?
<How many loopers out there are changing loop length in order to change 
I do this

<...and who adds ("Inserts") a sound  into a loop without regard for time
<signature? The length of the sound being added to the length of the loop
<without regard to any rigid timing constraint.
I don't do this

<Do users find that without a drum machine synced, it is hard to make an
<insert that sounds in time, as you need to stay very accurately on the
<beats if the end of the Insert is going to match up?
<Is it easier to use Record as an  alternate ending of Insert, so that the
<timing sounds right, even though you're basically aiming for the 
<of  regular time?
I find that ending with record makes a better loop, since my tempo is not

<There are similar issues with the EDP Multiply function.
<Its possible to change the loop length either in whole numbers of Cycles,
<or by an arbitrary amount (with an alternate button for ending).
<How do EDP loopers use this ability ?
I do a "set loop" thing, creating a new arbitrary loop length, just about
all the time

<LOOP 4 Survey.
<In Loop3, a number of alternate endings to Multply and Insert were given a
<"quick fix", so that they were useable when Quantise=OFF without crashing

<So Multiply ended by Reverse(when Quantise=OFF) would cause the loop to be
<trimmed to a new length.
<Also there are a number of similar functions, all governed by the same
<Insert ended by Reverse
<Insert ended by Multiply

<Now in Loop4 Matthias has worked out how to "properly fix" this, so that
<those functions are "Rounded" . That is , the Multiply or Insert will
<continue until it has completed a whole number of Cycles before ending.
<(this does not effect Multiply>Rec, Insert>Rec)
<This isn't Quantise, (you could always get that behavior when quantised),
<works to keep the Cycle length when Quantise=OFF.
I have been leaving quantize on pretty much all the time in order to 
this kind of cycle based predictability

<This is now in the Beta versions of Loop4, but one of the considerations 
<Loop4 is
<"No features may be taken away from loop3 users".

<Are these "functions", or just "emergent artifacts", (a behaviour which 
<not intended by the designer).
<Have the EDP Loopers out there become dependant on these?
I don't think I am, since quantize is always on

<So what is the most important:-
<1)keeping a Cycle structure (even when not Quantised)
<2)Being able to to any time change easily??????
What is the second alternative?
To to, we're not in Kansas anymore. . .
PS  Looks like my EDP's gonna be taking steroids . . .