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Re: EDP hardware

on 2/16/02 4:52 PM, Pedro Felix at PedroFelix@worldnet.att.net wrote:

> Mark -
> good to hear. I'm think about investing in another EDP. are you going 
> or serial with your EDP's?
> br, Pedro

Parallel. My plan (not yet hooked up) is to Y-cable the send to the EDPs 
then bring them back on separate channels into the mixer. My plan is to 
record to one at a time. With a certain amount of mixer fiddling, that
configuration should actually allow me to send from one EDP to the other.

I'd originally figured that if I were getting a second EDP, it would be for
stereo. Now that I've got a reasonable mixer, I'm finding that stereo loops
aren't as critical since I've got other things going on that can stereoize
the signal.

Stereo mixboard sends are also a pain to manage in my experience. The one
effect that I am running in stereo is my DL8000R because I want to take 
advantage of crossfeed delay effects. To do that, however, I'm using one of
my submixes.