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Re: Echoplex Digi Pro: Undo mistakes after Reverse?

Bradley Fish wrote:

>  Hi,
> Still having a blast in my first week of EDP-ing...I love the fact
> that I can record straight to hard drive with it, and using it with my
> guitar synth, everything is already perfectly mixed. Wow, what a timer
> saver!
> My question:
> I'm finding that after I use the Insert (Reverse) mode to play a sound
> backwards, that if I make a mistake, I can't erase it using the undo
> feature. It just turns my loop back around.
> Is there any trick to be able to undo mistakes once you have used the
> reverse feature?
> Thanks!!!!
> Bradley Fish

the way i understand, he undo function, wonderful as it is, has its
limits. no "fixing" backward parts. i guess it's too much to ask of the
processor...my advise: learn to love your "mistakes" (or work around

lance g.