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RE: trace elliot road 160 head

Good amps, very reliable. TVT9 is an all-tube twin channel pre-amp with an EM84 illuminated gate tube to show saturation, (like the early Selmer amps).
Output stages are unusual, in that they are Hitachi K135 MOSFETS driving valve-style output transformers. This gives a rich second-harmonic distortion. 
The amp is not super-high gain so will not be for everyone, but the clean sound is very clear up to silly volumes. That's the other thing, these amps are incredibly loud! 2 x 80Watts RMS, which is a bit overkill for lead guitar in my opinion and liable to damage eardrums if you're not careful.
They were very expensive, so if it's a good deal, I can recommend it. The G-Series pre-amps, which were also available at the time were far too complex, so I wouldn't recommend them, (loads of relays which fail). The TVT9 however is simple, using cheap ECC83/12AX7 valves and the output stages are pretty much indestructible. Ritchie Sambora used these for a few years when Trace was part of Kaman Music.
If you want, I can mail the operating instructions in PDF,
ex-Trace Elliot R&D manager. 

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Subject: trace elliot road 160 head

is anyone familiar with these amp heads ??
i have seen one on ebay
2 x 80 watt power sections and TVT9 preamp
but i cant find any info on it, trace eliiot are not being much help
has anyone ever used one ??