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EMU XL-7 (Was: Handsonic looping (was Re: finally, loop NY))

>Emu is actively updating the OS, but at this point, I'm holding out for 
>next update before looking for a laptop based sequencer solution - the
>onboard one is built for Roland groove kiddies.

Last night, I installed the 1.18 version of the OS, and it has some
surprising improvements.  I'm glad to see screens to find and modify any
MIDI event anywhere in the sequence, and the copy and paste functions can
now work on ranges ...

... so it's getting better.

But I'm not ditching Digital Performer any time soon.

My first venture into MIDI involved an Emax and Performer, back in 1988.
It's always amazed me to see how much useful info Emu can pack into two
lines of LCDs.  But I kinda hope that that USB port on the machine will
inspire somebody to make a control-screen application that runs on a host
(Mac, preferably.)
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