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re: DL4 modification...

>>>Speaking of a "DL4 in a rack", I just built a little remote foot
controller for my DL4 so I can control the 4 stomp buttons and
expression pedal on the floor while keeping the unit on my rack where I
can manipulate the settings with my hands.

Basically, it's a small box with 4 SPST momentary stomp switches, a 1/4
mono female jack (for the expression pedal), and an 8 lead CAT5
networking jack.  Everything is wired simply to the CAT5 jack, then I
run a standard cheap, network cable to the DL4 where there's another
CAT5 jack in the battery compartment.  Then it was just a matter of
finding out which connections to solder together.  All the stomp
switches share a common ground, so you can easily use 5 wires for the 4
foot switchdes, 2 wires for the expression pedal, and have 1 wire left

Man, that would make my life so much easier!!! If I could have  a DL4 (or
two) up on a stand, with the pedals on the floor - I spend a lot of time
bending over twiddling knobs to get sounds that just aren't available on 
rack version, which I was SOOOOOO looking forward to, but just isn't up to
the job - all the real time tweaking 'n' squeaking that I'm able to get 
the DL4 can't be accessed on the pro version as all the encoders are
notched, not continuous, and the loop isn't even MIDIable... a huge