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RE: Line 6 Echo Pro

Speaking of a "DL4 in a rack", I just built a little remote foot
controller for my DL4 so I can control the 4 stomp buttons and
expression pedal on the floor while keeping the unit on my rack where I
can manipulate the settings with my hands.

Basically, it's a small box with 4 SPST momentary stomp switches, a 1/4
mono female jack (for the expression pedal), and an 8 lead CAT5
networking jack.  Everything is wired simply to the CAT5 jack, then I
run a standard cheap, network cable to the DL4 where there's another
CAT5 jack in the battery compartment.  Then it was just a matter of
finding out which connections to solder together.  All the stomp
switches share a common ground, so you can easily use 5 wires for the 4
foot switchdes, 2 wires for the expression pedal, and have 1 wire left

It works great and I find I'm using my DL4 more now that it's in hand's
reach while keeping the pedals on the floor.

Yes, this probably voids the warantee -- and no, I'm not an electrical
engineer -- just a soldering hack who hates bending over....

Sorry, no pics...

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It's a DL4 in a rack, sych delays, with XLR/Line Level ins and outs. 
only 500 bills...AND you need a foot controller!