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Craving more info re: loop NY

(From Tom R's original message)

>I'll send a further message with the address,
>phone number and exact times.   We'll have
>the web site up with the details before I make
>an official announcement.

A few questions/requests:

1)  Do you see this as a string of solo performances, or multi-person
improvisations, or what?  I haven't performed publicly since 1974, and it's
been a few years since I did any playing with other people.  So I was
thinking of showing up with the intent of playing a supporting role (perc.
and pads, maybe)  for a looping guitar or sax whiz.

2) Will line outs from the board be available?  How actively will the board
person be, um, boarding?  (Thing I'm imagining:  My Korg ES-1 would be
perfect for this sort of gig, EXCEPT it doesn't have a line-out cutoff to
enable one to preview and trim the sample using headphones.  If there's
somebody sitting at the board, I could make hand gestures to have the ES-1
cut out, and later, cut back in.  Otherwise, the wise thing would be for me
to bring a mixer for cut-out purposes.)

3) D'ya have any photos of the place you could share?

4) And who's thinking of showing up?  (I'm kinda up in the air on this --
issues of what can I carry on the train and all ...)

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