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Re: Loopstock Update

You can only lead a horse to water....

Thanks for putting everything into perspective, Andre.  After some 
thought, I
propose the following changes to the Plan:

Instead of running the system four-way, I'll run it three-way and use the 
for a second stage at the opposite end of the room.  I'll just rent a pair 
monitors for that stage, no big deal.  Whoever's on deck can set up and 
check to their heart's content through headphones while the current act 
That way, we can skip the initial sound check, and also eliminate the 10 
between acts, and it keeps us from having a mountain of gear on stage.  
there's no stage; I'm just using that word to refer to the area behind the

I guess it's a moot point after the previous paragraph, but I'll have a 
O1V and a Mackie 1202 there to plug into.

About the demos, I'm beginning to think that it might be better to tack 15
minutes or so onto the set of whomever is doing the demo, and then they 
give the
demo before or after they play instead of at the beginning of the day.  
after the performance would be best, because then we can all ask "How'd 
you do
that?"  Any comments on this one?

Re:  Ted's question on smoking, they passed an ordinance a couple of years 
and smoking is pretty much illegal anywhere in SLO County except in your 
home or
outdoors.  So no reefers in the venue, please.

It's looking like a full house - everybody is confirmed so far, except for
Matthias, Perry the Canadian Looper, the Artist known as the Double-Chinned
Smiley Emoticon, and Andre, who will undoubtedly keep us all waiting, 
crossed, until the bitter end ;)