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Re: Loopstock Update 02-13-02

>1) Could all of the performers post a specific list of all the gear
>they're planning on using?

I plan on bringing various percussion instruments, two microphones, an 
and a 1402 mixer.  With this setup, I can do all my soundchecking offstage 
with headphones, and the rest of the souncheck as I start my first song.

>3) How many performers are self-contained (i.e. have their own
>amps/cabinets, and are able to do their thing independently of a PA) and

I can bring a mackie powered speaker and be completely self contained 
without any trouble.  It seems just as easy though to send a single 1/4" 
cord to the main sound system though.  I monitor from headphones anyway.

On the subject of performing time slots:  I will happily cut my show short 
if need be.  I would like to throw my ideas into the mix via performing 
(especially if I'm driving a few hours to do so), but this is not the 
of my attendance there.  I really want to spend the time learning about 
everyone else does their thing - and stealing their precious ideas...

On the subject of a 10 hour show:  I dig it.  I think 10 minutes quiet 
between sets will be welcome time to let our ears reset (kind of like 
between meal courses)  I can listen all day and night with these little 
rests to relax and discuss the last show with (new) friends.

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