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Little line mixers

I've realized that I might be able to build a reasonably portable rig in a
six space rack if I could come up with a 1U or 2U line mixer as an
alternative to my Mackie 1642. Here is the signal routine I need to 

* I've got as stereo signal coming from my amp simpulator.

* I need to split this signal and send a copy of it to my DL8000R. On my
Mackie, I'm using subs 1 & 2 to do this but I assume I could probably just
get away with Y cables.

* I need aux sends for my EDP and my AM8000R.

* I've got essentially 8 inputs coming into the mixer (amp x 2, DL8000R x 
EDP x 2, AM8000R x 2). With a bit less flexibility, I could get by with 6
inputs plus a stereo effects return.

* I don't need microphone preamps.

Any recommendations? I'd like to limit the expenditure on this since I play
out relatively rarely and I'm mostly likely to use my Mackie at home. A
submixer has some appeal, but I haven't quite overflowed the Mackie yet.

One option I'm looking at which unfortunately isn't rack mounted are the
really small Behringers. I'm hoping this list might have better