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Re: Loopstock Update 02-13-02

Andre and Hans,

In a message dated 2/14/02 12:45:32 AM, altruist@altruistmusic.com writes:

>I appreciate the votes of confidence from folks. As I mentioned 
>to Hans and Rick, the main issue for me is to make sure that 
>everyone who's been planning on playing for a long time is 
>well-accommodated.  ESPECIALLY since there are folks coming 
>in from out of state/country for the thing.

Well, Andre, for my part I'd love to see you come and play 
anyway -- even if it means I get to play less (and I'm coming 
down from Oregon for gosh sakes). :-)

>3) How many performers are self-contained (i.e. have their own
>amps/cabinets, and are able to do their thing independently of 
>a PA) and how many people need to use the PA (i.e. are going DI 
>into the board, without a discrete amp)?  How many discrete 
>feeds will each act need to send into a PA?

I am pretty much self-contained (sound reinforcement wise) 
and so is my electronic percussionist (if it turns out that
he gets to come). I play through a rack-mounted mixer and 
power amp into four 12" cabs. My percussionist (Dr. Bob Sterling) 
has his own mixer and powered 15" JBL Eons. The only "real" 
reason to hook us up to the house PA (that I can think of) 
would be for recording purposes and if the venue was really 
very LARGE and very noisey (or the acoustical environment 
was otherwise especially tricky). I can think of only a few 
others, and they're not as crucial in the long run.

As for performance times etc. I used to both attend and perform
at the "New Music Monday" nights that Nels Cline used to organize
at the (now defunct?) Alligator Lounge in Santa Monica, CA. I have
often been there from early evening 'til waaaaaaay past midnight 
watching the various denizens of L.A.'s "fringe" music scene grace
that smokey stage. While most folks may not choose to subject 
themselves to this sort of schedule as an audience, it's not all 
that unusual as a performer/purveyer of a fringe niche product
to find myself doing so. If you wanted to (and could get the venue 
to agree) I would see nothing unusual with extending the playing 
time to 1:00 AM. Just make sure to serve lots of coffee. :-)

However, while I'm on the subject. Will this be a non-smoking venue?
I can perform in a smoke-filled environment, but being a non-smoker
I'd obviously rather be able to breathe while playing. No offense meant
to any of the smokers on the list. :-)


Ted Killian