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Re: about EDP and Jamman

>At 01:48 AM 2/13/2002, Aldo De Palma wrote:
>Does anyone know if they are compatible? I'd like to know if I can
>synchronize my echoplex with a jam man one day.
>unfortunately, I don't have a chance to try the Jamman for now.

They both use midi clock to sync. So you should be able to sync the loops 
of one the other using midi clock over a midi connection. I think there 
people doing this and it works fine.

The only problem with this scenario is you have to choose one ahead of 
to be the master for the sync and all the others will slave to it. all the 
initial loops have to be made on that one master to create the time base 
for the sync for the others.

On the Echoplex, there is a feature called BrotherSync that allows 
echoplexes to sync to each other, but does not require one of them to 
always be the master. Any of them can set the sync for the rest to follow. 
(they are brothers instead of master and slave....)  This is nice for a 
band situation, where different people in the band may want to set the 
for the others. Everybody has to have an echoplex though, the jamman 
doesn't have such a feature.


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