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Re: Reports from the lab, Part 2

that reminds of the time an old band of mine listed our studio as 
"paisley parking lot" on our album (ultra indi) and a radio interviewer 
asked us what it was like working with prince....

> Dylan Deanda wrote:
> > ps.  It must have been an experience to work with Photek and Goldie.
> I'm sure it would have been, but I've never even met either of those
> folks.  Are you perhaps thinking of the "sounds like" descriptions on my
> excerpts page?  Strictly a descriptive tool, and certainly not meant to
> imply a real-world working relationship.  (But hey, if Rupert needs a
> guitar player, I hope he keeps me in mind.)
> Thanks for giving the stuff a listen!
> --Andre LaFosse
> http://www.altruistmusic.com