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Re: Line 6 Echo Pro

$290 is not a bad price for that unit.

the DL4 will cost you close to that new...

best of luck,


>Thanks fellas... I noticed one at a pawnshop for $290 the other day 
>and had never heard of it... I did see the button/lens problem 
>though.  I've been looking for an 'ok' delay sampler with a low to 
>moderate $$$ price range... thinking Akai headrush but doesnt seem 
>to have a long enough delay time for me...  does anyone recomend 
>perhaps a step up from that... that wont kill a poor college student?
>Here is my set up if that will help...
>Guitar/mic|->RP-5(stereo)->Mixer(monitor out)->?Delayloop?->Mixer
>          |->TSR-24s(2 main outs)->Mixer/2aux of TSR->4amp's or 2pa's
>Everything is controlled through the mixer(its an oldie)
>(the whole setup depends on situation, this is just an average situation)