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Line 6 Echo Pro

Hey everyone... Check out Line 6's Echo Pro... It seems pretty good...
60s delay/sample... reverse... and "models" of "vintage" delay/sample 
units... Stereo ins and outs... XLR ins adn outs... expression pedal... 
controllable... and 99 programs.
Models are as follows:

Maestro EP-1 Tube Echoplex
Maestro EP-3 Echoplex
Roland RE-101 Space Echo
Sweep Echo (filter-swept delay)
Boss DM-2 Analog Delay
Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memoryman
Lo Res Delay (variable from 24 to 6 bits!)
Digital Delay
Digital Delay with Modulation
Magnetic Platter Echo
Stereo Delays
Ping Pong
Reverse (xirdneH imiJ ekil tsuJ)
Dynamic Delay (t.c. electronic 2290)
Auto-Volume Echo
…and 60 Second Loop Sampler
now... im not sure how well it "models" these units... but I guess that is 
personal preference... and will be discovered soon enough...


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