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RE: Loops for SF Acid

Speaking of Acid loops-and this may be classified as "pipe dream"-but who 
to say that we, the loyal and close-knit constituents of the Loopers'
Delight mailing list couldn't produce our own sample/loop disc?  Among us
are a staggering variety of sonic alchemists, encompassing the melodic,
harmonic, rhythmic and none-of-the-above-ic.  

I've been dwelling on this idea for a while.  Though I don't know if I am
truly the one with the resources to pull it off, it seems to me that we
could start simply by setting up an auditioning period in which only the
recording quality of the submissions is evaluated.  Then begin classifying
the loops into categories as best we can.  Then evaluate by panel for final
inclusion.  Then master and format for Acid.  Lotsa work, but I'd love to
participate in it, not only as a contributor, but as an
engineer/producer/manager/whateverpieceofthepieIcangetaholdof capacity.

Cool idea, but then again, I'm a Pisces.  

Lindsay Graham
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left of eliot

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I guess this is an ad :)

The company I work for (Cakewalk) is now putting out ACID-format loop
collections.  We have not really advertised them, so they are not well
known, but they are very high quality.


Here's my take on each collection:

The Loops of Hazzard collection is pretty cool & unique.  It's a collection
of country string loops (lap steel, steel guitar, bass and electric guitar
loops) performed by sidemen for Brooks and Dunn, Shania Twain and Dolly

We have two collections from X-MiX, Vol 1 is hip hop and dance loops, Vol 2
is Progressive House and Trance.  X-MiX produces a good percentage of major
label remixes, and Vol 2 features loops by Armand Van Helden.  All very
useable if you're looking for these styles of music.

In Your Face FX has a decent selection of sound effects that are well

Rockit Fuel is a collection of Bass, Guitar and Drum loops in popular
styles.  The drum loops are great for straight ahead music.

ProSamples is a sampling from the ProSamples series by East West, Zero-G 
Best Service. You get a lot of different loops from all different styles.
These companies put their best foot forward with this disc.

Let me know if you have any questions.



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From: "Dylan Deanda" <dylan@loudcloud.com>
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Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2002 8:04 AM
Subject: RE: Loops for SF Acid

> Try going to www.google.com and doing a search for "free drum samples" or
> "free drum loops" and you will get a plethora of results for free
> of a variety of styles (tr808, tr909, rock, jazz, etc.).  They are all
> mainly in .zip files and less than a meg to download the whole kit.
> Good luck,
> Dylan
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> From: Jeremy Sawruk [mailto:lobachevski@hotmail.com]
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> >From: "Cesar D. Quintero" <cquintero@fullsix.com>
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> >Subject: Loops for SF Acid
> >Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 16:21:11 +0100
> >
> >     Hello all: Does anybody has the drum collection of loops for SF
> >Are they worthy?. Which one you think are the best ones?
> >
> >     Thanks
> There are several drum loop libraries for Acid. I own most of them.
> Classic Drum Machines: Syntonic Generator - good synth drum loops, just
> few
> Downtempo Beats - I dont own, so I don't know
> Drum Components: RADS - great samples for building custom drum tracks.
> Although can be used for a variety of styles, I think they are best 
> for rock. Worth considering
> Drum Tools - don't own, so don't know
> Junkyard Rhythms - don't own (but on it's way). Looks very promising, 
> for getting a unique sound.
> Latin Percussion - pretty good and mostly standard stuff
> Processed Drumkits: Zero-Gravity Beats - My favorite drum library. It
> is not your average cup of tea, but is very good, esp for rock and dance
> R&B Drums: Groove Spectrum - don't own, don't know
> Siggi Baldursson's Drumsugar - don't own, but Siggi's other library, Zero
> Gravity, is so awesome that I would think this one would be as well!
> Street Beats - its ok, but way too little. Not worth it.
> Funky Xtreams I & II - pretty good, but should be 1 CD, not 2!
> World Percussion - Marc Anderson's Dragon Dance - good world music loops
> here.
> Don't forget, most other libraries come with drums (except instrument
> specific). I particularly like the Acid Rock, Acid DJ, Electro Hip-Hop,
> Futurist Drum 'n' Bass, New York Dance, Prototechno, Vir Unis: Infusion,
> World Pop percussion.
> Hope this helps!
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