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RE: Reports from the lab, Part 2


Thanks for posting these to the list, it's truly a pleasure to hear what
others are doing with looping, as opposed to woodshedding and never hearing
the fruit of other's labor.

You've given me a ton of inspiring ideas that I plan on adapting to my
turntable/echoplex setup.  Thank you for putting out excellent music.  I
will have to go back and search through your posts and see what other
nuggets you've thrown out there.


ps.  It must have been an experience to work with Photek and Goldie.

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From: Andre LaFosse [mailto:altruist@altruistmusic.com]
Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2002 4:37 AM
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Subject: Reports from the lab, Part 2

Hello list,

I've uploaded the second half of some "John Fahey meets Ravi Shankar by
way of Squarepusher" EDP solos recorded back in December of 2001.  These
bits are a bit more texturally and technically varied than the first
batch posted on December 26 (and generally less likely to draw irate
comments from the next cubicle):

Deconstructing the ambient paradigm one brick at a time:

Mellifluous quantized remultiplication:

Zero feedback, zero verbatim repetition, and the most mentally demanding
looping piece I've played:

Derek Bailey plays Fela Kuti:

A real tear-jerker (and an awful pun):

Philip Glass' Mousetrap:

ZZ Top on Mille Plateau:

Hope you enjoy.

--Andre LaFosse