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Re: Copying presets with FCB 1010 (was Re: Behringer/Repeater (EDP) foot controller)

I tried this a while back but had no luck.  Has anyone else tried this with
success?  I'd be keen to know if this actually works.

> (Snipped from: http://www.altrion.org/fcb1010 )
> Behringer FCB1010 Extra HOWTO
> These are in an addendum to the manual published on Behringer's site in
> January 2002: thanks to Jos van Hoorn for drawing it to my attention. The
> text is taken from the (with minor editing).
> Copying Presets
> Activate CONFIG in the GLOBAL SETUP (see chapter 2.2 of the manual). Now,
> press footswitch 5 to activate the copy function. (The VALUE 1 LED lights
> and the number in the display starts flashing.) Enter the number of the
> preset you wish to copy and confirm your selection with UP/ENTER. Presets
> 1 - 10 are stored in bank 0, presets 11 - 20 in bank 1, and so on. (The
> VALUE 2 LED lights up and the number in the display starts flashing.)
> the target preset and confirm your selection with UP/ENTER, or cancel 
> DOWN/ESCAPE. If you want to copy further presets, please press footswitch
> again. Press and hold DOWN/ESCAPE to quit the GLOBAL SETUP.
> Toggling between two controller values in a patch
> Allows you to configure one controller so that it alternately sends two
> different values, e.g. effect bypass, drive on/off, etc. In order to
> the controller switch-over function, you need to globally select the same
> MIDI channel for CNT1 and CNT2 (see chapter 2.2), and enter the same
> controller number for CNT1 and CNT2 in the preset (NUMBER, see chapter
> 2.3.2). The first time you recall the preset, it will send the controller
> value of CNT1 (VALUE 1), with each additional key press you can alternate
> between CNT2 and CNT1. Example: Select preset 1 without DRIVE function on
> the BEHRINGER V-AMP each time you press the same button again, DRIVE will
> switched on or off respectively: PROG CHG 1 = 1, CNT 1 NUMBER = 26, VALUE
> = 0, CNT 2 NUMBER = 26, VALUE 1 = 127.