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Re: cool (free) electronic music software for GameBoy

yes, that can be a stickler - i have seen somewhere online the info for 
buying blank carts and a burner but i cant seem to find it atm...

i have been using Nanoloop for a little while and i like it a lot. it 
has great sounds and is easy to use - i usually improvise with it live, 
with a friend doing some delays and other effects on it. there is an 
interesting interview with Spoonbender here 
(http://www.noisetraffic.com/interviews.htm) talking about how he likes 
to use some delay and two Nanoloops and/or LSDJs MIDI synced to his Akai 
MPC2000 for live shows. the only prob with those MIDI sync cables at 
noisetraffic is they are pricey ($77). Oliver over at www.nanoloop.com, 
who made nanoloop, is supposed to be coming out with a (presumably 
cheaper) MIDI connector of his own soon. there will be a manufactured 
version and a parts version for a lot cheaper, apparently.


On Tuesday, February 12, 2002, at 03:52  PM, Paolo Valladolid wrote:

>> cool (free "for noncommercial use") electronic music software for 
>> GameBoy
>> download it at:
>> http://blackbox.resource.cx/prods02.html
> Sounds cool.  I take it you need to have a Game Boy cartridge burner 
> and a blank cartridge?
> It looks similar to Little Sound DJ (http://www.lsdj.com) - you can 
> also download it if you have a cartridge burner or order a pre-burned 
> cartridge from Johan (the developer).
> Another cool title is Nanoloop (http://www.nanoloop.com).  I have this 
> and LSDJ.  So far I've found Nanoloop far easier to use.
> Paolo
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