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Copying presets with FCB 1010 (was Re: Behringer/Repeater (EDP) foot controller)

> Sure! You can also use one of the two cc pedals to work the repeater
> feedback (as an expression pedal). IMHO the FCB1010 turnes out to be a
> open system. But it's hard to understand the manual and programming takes
> lot of time. There is no way to copy a bank, so for each new bank you 
> to redo everything from scratch.

(Snipped from: http://www.altrion.org/fcb1010 )
Behringer FCB1010 Extra HOWTO
These are in an addendum to the manual published on Behringer's site in
January 2002: thanks to Jos van Hoorn for drawing it to my attention. The
text is taken from the (with minor editing).
Copying Presets
Activate CONFIG in the GLOBAL SETUP (see chapter 2.2 of the manual). Now,
press footswitch 5 to activate the copy function. (The VALUE 1 LED lights 
and the number in the display starts flashing.) Enter the number of the
preset you wish to copy and confirm your selection with UP/ENTER. Presets
1 - 10 are stored in bank 0, presets 11 - 20 in bank 1, and so on. (The
VALUE 2 LED lights up and the number in the display starts flashing.) Enter
the target preset and confirm your selection with UP/ENTER, or cancel with
DOWN/ESCAPE. If you want to copy further presets, please press footswitch 5
again. Press and hold DOWN/ESCAPE to quit the GLOBAL SETUP.
Toggling between two controller values in a patch
Allows you to configure one controller so that it alternately sends two
different values, e.g. effect bypass, drive on/off, etc. In order to enable
the controller switch-over function, you need to globally select the same
MIDI channel for CNT1 and CNT2 (see chapter 2.2), and enter the same
controller number for CNT1 and CNT2 in the preset (NUMBER, see chapter
2.3.2). The first time you recall the preset, it will send the controller
value of CNT1 (VALUE 1), with each additional key press you can alternate
between CNT2 and CNT1. Example: Select preset 1 without DRIVE function on
the BEHRINGER V-AMP each time you press the same button again, DRIVE will 
switched on or off respectively: PROG CHG 1 = 1, CNT 1 NUMBER = 26, VALUE 1
= 0, CNT 2 NUMBER = 26, VALUE 1 = 127.