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RE: new echoplexer: wanna copy loop and then change it


I did it-well, almost! I can copy my original loop into each loop and then make each one unique from there. Cool! But now I have a new problem:

Sometimes the loop I'm listening to will just stop when it reaches the end for (seemingly?) no reason until I press overdub. Any idea why it's stopping?

also, I'm using a GR-33 Roland guitar synth with this to generate my sounds. Does anyone know if there is anyway I can use the MIDI on that to switch loops and such?


Bradley Fish    



  Michael Clark <mcl451@airmail.net> wrote:

Can you suggest a foot controller that will do the same thing?



At 10:51 PM 2/11/02 -0800, you wrote:
>Copying a loop is easy--right? Create a loop, copy it.
>So once you have copied the loop, modify it with the other button
>presses--overdub, multiply, but probably not insert because your percussion
>will not be there--and if you want another copy of the percussion loop, go
>back to loop 1 and this time copy it to a different loop.
>By the way, changing to a specific loop is easy with MIDI. If you have a
>keyboard, the Echoplex will go to any of 9 loops based on the MIDI
>controller (note or Continuous controller) you have assigned under loop
>trigger (parameter bank 4, mute button).
>You might want to pretend the manual is the Holy Bible and you just became
>sanctified by the loop.
>Also download the archives :>}
>PS I have not tried this but maybe instead of performing and trying to
>operate the EDP at the same time, sue prepared audio and feed it into the
>EDP so you can concentrate just on that--my experience with such things is
>that it's hard to concentrate on two things at once.

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