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RE: Repeater

As is my style, not in direct relation with the string, but:

I, too, picked up a FBC1010 and am enjoying the hell out of it.  Still
programming things and deciding on the best use of its functionality.  One
question: the Repeater has MIDI In, Out and Through.  Unfortunately, to 
FBC1010 commands through to other MIDI devices, I have to connect them
post-Repeater via the Through port.  Thing is, though, I was really hoping
the Repeater augmented the incoming MIDI info it outputs to the Through 
with the MIDI timecode it produces.  It does not.  I could have a master
MIDI clock farther up the chain which would work fine, but I'd also like to
make the Repeater the MIDI clock master as well as pass other non-Repeater
commands through to devices down the line.  What's the best means to
accomplish this?  A MIDI merge right behind the Repeater, combining the
Repeater's Out and Through info?  I paged through the Repeater manual and
could not find a definitive answer as to in what modes (MIDI, User, Beat)
the Repeater actually generates timecode.  Any ideas?

Per said:
>LOL - posted any pics? ;-D)<

No, I do not have any pics of my startling posture while trying to maintain
a noise-free performance, unfortunately.  Imagine Pilates with a guitar for
the visual.

Lindsay Graham
sonic detritus:
left of eliot

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> Hello,
> I'm a guitarplayer from belgium (Europe)
> Finally I got my repeater. Now I'm searching for a good midi
> Footswitsh with lots of possibilities, so I can change all the
> Parametres by feet.
> Does anyone of you have a sugesstion???
> Please let me know.
> info@troissoeur.com
> Pieter

Hi Pieter,

I picked up a Behringer FBC1010 for 208.165 EUR (182.451 USD) here in
Sweden. Guess prices are on the same level as in your country. I did two
quite detailed posts on it yesterday - yes, I like it a lot. Also check out
the web at http://www.behringer.com/02_products/prodindex.cfm?id=FCB1010