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Re: Mac issues?

on 2/12/02 11:20 AM, Mark Sottilaro at sine@zerocrossing.net said somethin'

> Huh.  What kind of Mac problems are you having?  I was having a ton of
> problems for a while.  Constant crashes.  It turned out that when they
> burned the machine at the factory, they put an error on the Hard Drive.
> My initial instinct was to wipe the drive clean when it arrived, but I
> was super busy.  My bad.  A deep reformat was all it needed, and now my
> G4 mac purrs like a kitten.
> Here's another reason not to go to the dark side:  OS X is amazing.

    I just wanted to say this:


    -Mike, whose brand new LCD G4 800Mhz iMac is less than 1 week old ...

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