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Mac issues?

Huh.  What kind of Mac problems are you having?  I was having a ton of 
problems for a while.  Constant crashes.  It turned out that when they 
burned the machine at the factory, they put an error on the Hard Drive.  
My initial instinct was to wipe the drive clean when it arrived, but I 
was super busy.  My bad.  A deep reformat was all it needed, and now my 
G4 mac purrs like a kitten.

Here's another reason not to go to the dark side:  OS X is amazing.  
True, there's little audio software for it now, but MOTU says it's less 
than a year away from a Digital Performer for OSX, and I'm pretty sure 
Logic is already out.  I'm in the middle of a 3D animation render right 
now, and I'm having no problem launching and running other apps.  They 
don't even seem to be slowing down my render, and I don't have a super 
dual processor G4 either, just a single 450 (but a gig.2 worth of ram, 
it's cheap!)

Having purchased a MOTU 828 firewire audio interface, my plan is to be 
able to bring that and an iBook to a gig and get an 8 channel direct to 
disk recording.  You could probably do this on a PC too, but I bet it 
wouldn't me nearly as easy.


On Monday, February 11, 2002, at 10:57  AM, rich wrote:
> sympathies from a mac user that is having the same type of problems 
> over the same (if not longer) time period.
> switching to the dark side, believe it or not.
> best,
> rich