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RE: new echoplexer: wanna copy loop and then change it

Copying a loop is easy--right?  Create a loop, copy it.
So once you have copied the loop, modify it with the other button
presses--overdub, multiply, but probably not insert because your percussion
will not be there--and if you want another copy of the percussion loop, go
back to loop 1 and this time copy it to a different loop.
By the way, changing to a specific loop is easy with MIDI.  If you have a
keyboard, the Echoplex will go to any of 9 loops based on the MIDI
controller (note or Continuous controller) you have assigned under loop
trigger (parameter bank 4, mute button).

You might want to pretend the manual is the Holy Bible and you just became
sanctified by the loop.
Also download the archives :>}


PS  I have not tried this but maybe instead of performing and trying to
operate the EDP at the same time, sue prepared audio and feed it  into the
EDP so you can concentrate just on that--my experience with such things is
that it's hard to concentrate on two things at once.