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I'm the new guy

    Hi there,

    I just joined the list, though I have paged through the website a 
of times, I never got to subscribe to the list.  Glad to be here.

    Here's my contribution.  I imagine that plenty of people here are
tooling around with Acid Music.  If you want to pick up some cheap loop
libraries, Guitar Center has discs from Magix (publishers of Magix Music
Maker) for $4.99.  There are Guitar Centers all over the U.S. so I thought
that I'd spread the word.

    The weird thing about the Magix stuff is that the wording of their
copyright is a little weird.  Where the Acid Music stuff always makes very
clear that you are welcome to do as you will with derivative works, the
Magix discs almost make it sound like you can't.  I'm going to email Magix
and find out.

    Looking forward to all of the great stuff that I'll be reading on this
list.  Take care everybody!

- Bohus Blahut
  (BOH-hoosh BLAH-hoot)

  modern filmmaker