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RE: repeater sound quality

Only partially related, but I, too was very frustrated with the noise level
produced by my Repeater.  That was until, however, I took the time to rack
everything up, pay attention to the cabling, effects order and - most
importantly - set all my levels right.  Now the whole rig is much, much 
quiet than I have ever experienced and the Repeater is transparent.  Now 
biggest source of noise (other than that which is intentional) is the damn
EMI ricocheting through my apartment and into my Tele at all but the most
awkward and uncomfortable angles for playing.  I strike some very strange
poses trying to stay within the seemingly random noise-free sweet spots in
my bedroom.  

I think I might put foil or copper screening on all six sides of the room.

Lindsay Graham
sonic detritus:
left of eliot

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axel@traumteam.org writes:

>the *manaual* says 1.1. but the device ... ?
>how can i find it out ??
the sw-version shows in the display, as the repeater is switched on.
dt / splattercell