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 From: SRice [mailto:srice44@yahoo.com]
 Sent: Sunday, February 10, 2002 12:15 PM

>I had the great pleasure yesterday to jam with Rick following
>our lesson on two Martha Stewart wastebaskets, and I can
>attest that Martha sounds great while getting banged.  She
>may have never before been banged by two drummers at once,
>but you never know.

Sounds like a pant-load of fun. I hope you both wore protection (uh...
for your hands, I mean. We wouldn't want you damaging those delicate 

This thread has reminded me of a loop thing I did with a metal wastebasket
back in ...ooh, probably the very early eighties. Wasn't a MS model, 
though. She was probably still trying to figure out which end of a 
paint brush you hold. I know that tape is still lurking in a box somewhere.

James Bailey
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