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Re: Handsonic looping (was Re: finally, loop NY)

It's got a great sound, but the sequencer leaves A LOT to be desired from
anyone looking for echoplex/repeater functionality in midi form. Totally

You can record live, switching between 16 tracks, each addressing all 32
internal midi channels, and 32 external. BUT:

- there's no undo
- the cut function is buried, and stops the sequencer anyway
- multiply is buried and stops the sequencer
- midi implementation of the sequencer, as opposed to the sound module
section, is limited

Emu is actively updating the OS, but at this point, I'm holding out for the
next update before looking for a laptop based sequencer solution - the
onboard one is built for Roland groove kiddies.

As far as the sound however, YM will always V, but I think the sounds are
the best I've used. They are clear and strong, without the overwrought ear
candy of most Korg gear, or the tubby 'bedroom tone' of Roland.

If the unit could undo, a handsonic, XL-7, the earth ROM, and a few
cheaps-ass effects would be all you need to take over the planet :>

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> >on 2/10/02 5:44 PM, just john at just-john@just-john.com wrote:
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> >> I have the Emu card of that soundset in my XL-7.  It has looping
> >> capabilites of its own, vastly superior to the Handsonic (tho I didn't
> >> the Handsonic for its looping or sequencing.) It also features a
> >> goofy-looking "keyboard" -- actually rubber pads -- for direct note
> >> entry/playing.
> >
> >How is the XL-7? I've contemplated replacing my MC-505 with an XL-7.
> >
> I'd say I'm still learning.  Didn't realize until last night that you can
> jump from part to part while recording.
> And I haven't been NEAR the patch editing bits.
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