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Re: contact microphones - how?

At 5:15 PM -0800 2/10/02, Richard Zvonar wrote:
> So the answer to your first question about whether to use a contact
> mic to capture sounds from the inside of an object is "it depends."
> I'm also not sure what you mean by a "live" object. If you mean
> "live" as in the case of a live cat, it don't think a contact mic
> would do you much good.

Thanks for the response. You definitely gave me a good idea on what to
expect. By "live" I do mean a living thing, haven't decided what yet. But
the way I imagined the sound was what you would hear when let's say a cat
purrs. How exactly would that purr sound as it travels through the cat? How
would it sound from the outside? Or even when the cat meows...how would 
sound? Would a contact mic not be able to translate those sounds into
something recognizable? The quality isn't really important, I'm working on
some installations and I don't see the quality interfering with my concept.

Is a contact mic not a good idea for this project? If not, do you have any
ideas on what type of mic could capture something like this?

Thanks again for the detailed response. I really appreciate it.