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SV: Behringer/Repeater (EDP) foot controller

 > So....let me get this straight.  The FCB1010 allows you to assign a CC
> message to any one of it's pads?

Yes. You can also set up a pad to send a bunch of messages. The upper limit
to how much can be sent simultaniously by one pad stroke is 2 cc messages, 
pc messages and one note on.

>So pad 1 could send a message to the
> Repeater that says, "set feedback to 50%"?  If so, that would be SWELL!
> Mark Sottilaro

Sure! You can also use one of the two cc pedals to work the repeater
feedback (as an expression pedal). IMHO the FCB1010 turnes out to be a 
open system. But it's hard to understand the manual and programming takes a
lot of time. There is no way to copy a bank, so for each new bank you have
to redo everything from scratch.

Per Boysen