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Re: an mp3

It's truly beautiful!  Makes me regret not having purchased a Filter 
when they were blowing them out so cheaply.  (it was a contest between that
and a Warp Factory for the last space in my rack. The Warp Factory won.)

I haven't in a long time, but I used to love going to open mic nights and
inflicting similar weirdness on unsuspecting audiences.  My problem was
always that I seemed to have a long set up time and I'd have to get there
early to set up before it started, then wait until the final act before I
could tear it all down.  Now that I've got a Repeater, I've set up a little
JamMan set up for such things, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

Mark Sottilaro

on 2/9/02 11:24 PM, nick ring at nick@simons-rock.edu wrote:

> Hey all,
> I thought I'd share w/ you a bit I did recently.  I recorded this at the
> open mike night at club helsinki (www.clubhelsinkiweb.com).  It's about 6
> minutes long.  Technically, what I did was periodically, touch the end of
> the patch chord to ground it, feeding that into an electrix filter 
> into a mo-fx, into 3 rds7.6, into a big reverb.  I decided to forgo auxes
> and the like and just do it in series.  The results are at
> www.silentradio.org/sounds/openmindnight.mp3.  If you give a listen, some
> feedback would be fabulous.  As you can imagine, it's improv, and I'd 
> used this particular setup before.
> thanks,
> nick
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> nick ring
> www.silentradio.org
> www.musicandpolitics.org