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Martha, Rick, and me

I had the great pleasure yesterday to jam with Rick following
our lesson on two Martha Stewart wastebaskets, and I can
attest that Martha sounds great while getting banged.  She
may have never before been banged by two drummers at once,
but you never know.

These little buckets deserve the compliments they are
The range and articulation are incredible, through different
spots you can hit, the type of stroke, and how you hold the
opening against you.  Kudos too to Rick for being able to play
while I flailed and stumbled away.  It isn't finalized, but I
understand that he may be getting a major endorsement contract
with Martha, and taking a worldwide tour of Kmart homewares'
departments soon.

Found percussion-  In a hardware store I spotted some light 
chain(little balls joined by little rods) which can be laid on 
top of a drum head to bounce and roll while playing.  Sort of
a combination of a snare and ocean drum.


Rhythmen der Malinke -Famoudou Konate playing very traditional
arrangements of Guinea rhythms.

World of Gnawa -also traditional recordings from the Gnawa
people of Morocco.

A Day Out of Time- Trance Mission, with Stephen Kent
Didjeridu based 'world beat'

Worlds Collide -possibly the best recording of sound ever made,
words can not convey the extraordinary depth, vision, and
talent displayed by these incredible musicians.


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