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an mp3

Hey all,

I thought I'd share w/ you a bit I did recently.  I recorded this at the 
open mike night at club helsinki (www.clubhelsinkiweb.com).  It's about 6 
minutes long.  Technically, what I did was periodically, touch the end of 
the patch chord to ground it, feeding that into an electrix filter 
into a mo-fx, into 3 rds7.6, into a big reverb.  I decided to forgo auxes 
and the like and just do it in series.  The results are at 
www.silentradio.org/sounds/openmindnight.mp3.  If you give a listen, some 
feedback would be fabulous.  As you can imagine, it's improv, and I'd 
used this particular setup before.


nick ring