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Re: Handsonic looping (was Re: finally, loop NY)

on 2/9/02 3:49 PM, just john at just-john@just-john.com wrote:

> What I was proposing was audio looping.
> However -- and I was experimenting with this last night -- one can use 
> onboard sequencer for looping of one part of the sequence.  There's even
> something to allow you to keep it in record mode but not actually record
> what you're playing.  So you record a little something, put it in this 
> to play along, then back to recording some overlays.
> And that's actually sufficient for straight percussion.

I've used the sequencer in the Handsonic this way. (Warning: Don't leave it
sitting in record mode with recording active. I managed to fill up memory
doing this and the machine became rather unhappy.) I find it quite 
however, that there's no provision for erasing elements let alone live loop
construction options like multiply. And as you also noted, it's frustrating
that you can't switch parts while recording using the sequencer.

A really good MIDI looper could do so much. After all, the data rates are a
lot smaller than the rates for audio. Some of the things I would like in a
good MIDI looper include:

* Options like on the Echoplex for multiply, replace, and insert.

* I'd like to be able to do note erasing.

* I'd like to be able to have multiple tracks and mute/erase tracks
essentially as the equivalent to passes through the loop.

* I'd like to be able to record phrases live and then fly them in on 
Sort of a: "Hey, I liked that addition to the loop but I don't want to play
it every time. Give me a way to trigger it when I do want it."

An audio looper provides an expensive way to do some but not all of this.
I've used my MC-505 with some success to try playing with having multiple
tracks but it's non-ideal. So, far I've resisted having my computer running
in my music "studio" because amongst other things I don't want to mess with
a keyboard or mouse while playing. If it were the only way to get a really
good MIDI looper, I might reconsider.


P.S. On top of this, I really wish I had a better way to map my Handsonic 
the sounds in my Emu Planet Earth. The Emu box has some really great sounds
in it but it's going relatively unused because it's proven somewhat
inconvenient to access from a control standpoint.