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Re: What are we listening to today?

In my playlist today:

Various mantra things I found on some Sanskrit site (Vyaas Houston?)
Beatles-Various versions of Flying
Wobbly/Don Joyce
dimuzio otani wobbly
Chopping Channel
Stupid Madonna Acid loops
Various from WREK's "Atmospherics" show
Various from WREK's "Friction" show
DFM rtv Int. - various live tracks...heavy loopy stuff
Judy Garland-Over the Rainbow
Black Market Rit'lin
Miscellaneous movie samples, including R2D2 and "you dick!" from Fast 
Times at Ridgemont High
Celebrities at Their Worst, incl. Col. Harland Sanders, Orson Welles, and 
William Shatner
John Lennon-Mother (the song has an infinite quality to it)
C.W. McCall
Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza - "Elsewhere" and "Excess Vitamin C"
Detritus Bakery
Brian Eno
The Frogs (simply NOT loopy)
Field recording I made in the World Trade Center concourse when there 
still was one
Field recording of my niece
ArcadeAmbience.wav - somebody made a simulated 80's video arcade "ambient" 

- Ken
ken's last ever radio extravaganza http://free-music.com/ken/extrav/
mp3's: http://free-music.com/ken/extrav/audio/