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Re: what are we listening to today?

    This is fun to hear - I've gotten a lot of good suggestions from these
posts, now if only I had the money to buy some of them...

my pile of CDs near the CD player is the following:

    Squarepusher-Big Loada (the american version with the Port Rhombus EP
tagged on the end : for when I want to get hyper.  It's his best on the 
electronic side I think -  wow...)

    Kronos Quartet - Early Music (it's a burned copy, so I can't remember 
that's the real title.  It's a fantastic disc and great working music...
some actual rennaisance music, and some new composers suggesting early

    Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Vol.2  (very nice... I once drove
through far northern Wisconsin in thick fog with this double disc playing 
my car, perhaps one of the most wonderful musical experiences I've ever

    Astor Piazzolla - Octeto Buenos Aires (one of his first nuevo-tango
recordings, I think.  Fifties recording quality, wild music...  it's 

    Steve Earle with the Del McCoury Band - The Mountian (can't miss with
this one...  I like the title track a lot.  'course you gotta be some kind
of country fan to like this stuff, but it's good...)

    Isreal Vibration - Isreal Dub (mmmm...  nice chill-out sounds. probably
the closest to loop content.  I can't believe the dub pioneers made these
sounds in the 70s....  ahead of their time, for sure, and it rocks

    Georgy Ligeti - Piano Works (from the Sony series...  good stuff, 
performances.  although it includes his Ricercata thing which I'm not as
much a fan of as his etudes...  I'm still looking around for a recording of
his double concerto for flute and oboe that I heard once on CD at a music
library - beautiful.)

    Ikue Mori - One Hundred Aspects of the Moon (there is one track on this
Cd that I have to listen to every couple weeks or I will die.  It's the one
with the vocal melody - and the last track is very pretty too.  Amazing 
she can do with this "obsolete" equipment.)

    My own stuff - while mixing (I'm very self-absorbed and I actually
listen to my own music more than other people's.  Hey, if I didn't like it,
why would I make it?)

okay, I'll go back to lurking...  hope this wasn't too long.  sorry that
there's not much loop content in my list, but I have other interests, 

        -jeff snyder