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Re: Found Objects in Looping

> I don't use found objects as much as I used to any more - mostly because 
> recording studio is now setup in my bedroom, and it's way to easy to 
>make a 
> mess.

amen to that. it's a constant battle to retain foot room around here too. 

> One of the best sounding things I've looped was a wooden chair being 
> across a concrete floor. You know that screeching sound that you 
> make while adjusting in such a chair? This was just like that, only 
> layered and sounding very much like a cloud of rampaging elephants.

i don't suppose you have a recording of this handy in an mp3? i'd like to 
hear it if so. 

> Styrofoam can have a similar effect, only in a higher pitch.

it also makes a surprisingly good resonator! at least in box form.