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Re: What Are We Listening To Today?

Well...no loop stuff unfortunately!  Currently in my car changer (on a
road trip):

Yes - Magnification: I am  Yes ho of the highest order.  This is their
best in years.
All new material with full symphony orchestra (wonderful arrangements)
and no
keyboardist (in the classic Yes sense anyway...there is some piano and
Jon Anderson's voice has never sounded better...a remarkable production
job on the vocals.

Kevin Gilbert - Sometimes Why: A bootleg compilation of rareties by the
insanely talented mofo most of you have never heard of.  Arguably the
rock musician to have yet lived.  Anyone with prog/rock tendencies or a
for highly intelligent lyrical content needs to check this badass dead
boy out.  Ask
me for more details or get thee to:    http://www.kevingilbert.com

John McLaughlin Trio - Live In Tokyo: with Dennis Chambers on drums and
Joey DeFrancesco on Hammond B3 and trumpet.  Just stupefyingly sick
Especially when you consider Dennis doesn't read and keeps multiple
gigs' setlists
in his head.

Mark Egan - A Touch Of Light: Nice mellow but engaging stuff from the
melodic fretless meister.  I had a lot of long morning drives this trip
and this CD is perfect for that.

Jerry Goodman - On The Theory Of Aviation: Also a more mellow offering
to go with the Mark Egan.  Still plenty of stylistic variety.  Jerry is
one of the unsung heroes of modern music.

Adam Holzman - Make A Loud Noise: My favorite from this keyboard whiz.
Dennis Chambers makes another appearance here, but in a totally
vibe.  This is fusion of the highest order, with some nice outside

Tonefully yours,

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