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Re: What are we listening today

Lessee... today I listened to (I have a walkman at work)

Philip Jeck - Vinyl Coda: This guy uses many many turntables all at once, 
using ancient scratched-up records to make mysterious ambient music

Talking Heads - Remain in Light

Slut (a collaboration by various Japan and New York artists on God 
records): The first 5 tracks feature an incredibly bizarre sting 
and an even stranger vocalist, yet manage to be very beautiful and 
surprisingly 'poppy'.

Ween - Pure Guava

The Residents - Stars & Hank Forever: (Residents covering Hank Williams 
and John Philip Sousa?)

Randy Greif - Alice in Wonderland: A truly amazing 5 disc set of the 
story told with all the frightening/bizarre elements left intact - with an 
amazing experimental music background.

CT Collective - Bluezette: Loopers-Delight members trying their darndest 
create blues songs!

I had the chance to go see Francisco Lopez play at Mills College in 
a few weeks ago. He's probably the best known of field-recording 
and his approach is very unique. Instead of recording "events" (like dogs 
barking or traffic noises), he records spaces. Most of the basic elements 
uses in tracks are extremely minimal, but as he builds them up, they can 
become a simply amazing, loud, and overpowering listening experience.


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