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Re: JP's Playlist

> Talk Talk: Laughing Stock
> This is clearly their best & final Album and
> one of my fave albums of all
> time.

I totally agree. In fact, I didn't like TalkTalk
until I heard this record. (I recently found out
that Mark Hollis put out a solo album a few years

> Jah Wobble Amazes me...

He is one of my greatest inspirations as a
bassist. Check out his latest collaboration with
Bill Laswell: Bass the Final Frontier/Radio
Axiom. Incredible grooves. Also Jah Wobble's
collab with Brian Eno: Spinner.

Speaking of Laswell: Panthalassa -- his remixes
of Miles Davis tunes. (I hope to eventually get
Laswell's Loops for Acid collection)

In addition, this week I've been listening to:

Perimeter - James Johnson/Vir Unis
Sara Ayers - Interiors
Dreamland - Underwater
Falling You - Touch Preview
Not Applicable - Point of Origin
Basque - Basque
Basque - Radiate
Frolic - various tunes on their MP3.com page
David Bridie - Act of Free Choice
Jeff Buckley - Grace


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