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Re: finally, loop NY

Isn't this the first venue you suggested (last fall)?

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From: "Tom Ritchford" <tom@swirly.com>

> I did not in fact expire or move to Bali
> and I have finally managed to get
> something rather nice together
> for New York loopers.
> Saturday afternoons starting February 23,
> Chama, a small shop on 4th St and Ave D,
> will be hosting an Open Loop... continuous
> live looping from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.
> There is a $2 admission fee and you'll be
> able to get tea, coffee and snacks as well
> as exotic books and bee products!
> We're going to have at least 12 channels
> free for people to plug into the board.
> The space is quite small (there IS a stage,
> though) so large things like amps and drumkits
> will be probably be out...
> Chama is a very comfortable space and I imagine
> that it's going to be a great hang out scene.
> The volume level will be comparatively low...
> there aren't any noise restrictions but it's a
> Saturday afternoon!  It's anticipated that
> there will be NO ONE playing much of the time,
> just various loops decaying for a long period.
> I'll send a further message with the address,
> phone number and exact times.   We'll have
> the web site up with the details before I make
> an official announcement.
> Feel free to just drop in on a whim
> on the 23rd or any Saturday
> or send me email offlist if you want
> to informally fix a time to play.
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