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Re: What are we listening to today?

Hey Steve, thanks for the kind words about the Dresden CD, It is available
directly from us, and nearly out of print. You can reach me directly if
interested at chillyb@cruzio.com.

On the the CD player as of late:
Ambient 1 Music for Airports, Brian Eno (just recently bought the CD, and
it is still a classic)
Rain Dogs,Mule Variations, Tom Waits (an artist always taking risks)
Dummy,Portishead( yeh I know it ain't new but it bears repeating)
Tabula Rasa, Arvo Part ( gourgeous, melancholy, contemporary classical 
String Quartets 1 and 2, Henryk Gorecki performed by the Kronos Quartet
(another brilliant contemporary composer)
Either/Or,Elliot Smith (a great songwriter)
Fan Dance, Sam Phillips (why is this woman not more popular?)
Try Whistling This, Neil Finn (great post-beatles songwriting)
Kathy Lee Gifford (NOT!)