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Re: What are we listening to today?

Title: Re: What are we listening to today?

what you are all listening to?

a cd made for a friend in a cage that's locked from the inside. Someone who lost a love, a job, a big chunk of faith. Even if it doesn't work for her, the songs sound pretty good together . Plenty of loops here - just not so many on this cd.

>From here to there - Kevin Gilbert
Living inside myself - Gino Vanelli
Live Line - Harry Nilsson
Don't Give up - Peter Gabirel and Kate Bush
Love Alone - Utopia
Show them what you're made of - Nik Kershaw
God watch over you - Frances Ruffel
Emmanuel - Jonatha Brooke and Kevin Gilbert
Healing Love - Cliff Richard and Nik Kershaw
One Thing - Ginny Owens and Brent Bourgeois
I wanna change the score - Tony Banks and Nik Kershaw
Do I love you? Roddy Frame/Aztec Camera
Downtown Lights - The Blue Nile
I was brought to me senses - Sting
Remember - Harry Nilsson
Spectral Mornings - Steve Hackett